Welcome to the personal pages of Shaun Whitehead - creative engineer, adventurer, artist, presenter, author and entrepreneur!  For Shaun’s professional archaeological and space exploration technology work, check out the website of his own company, Scoutek Ltd.

As a child, Shaun dreamed of becoming an astronaut and exploring space.  It seemed that the only way to achieve this dream was to design and build his own rocket. With a completed design, he applied to companies for sponsorship. While this project never took off, Shaun persevered and has since been involved in many engineering successes.

He is still motivated by his childhood passion to explore and discover new things, helped by some amazing technology. His work has taken him to the four corners of the world, where he has watched things he has built go hurtling off to deep space and Mars, and crawled along dark stone passageways in search of historical finds.

Shaun is a qualified Chartered Engineer and a Fellow and Ambassador of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has experimented using science and engineering to fight crime, combined engineering and art, appears regularly in the media and gives presentations on engineering and exploration.

He has found (and hidden) many treasures, holds a pilots licence and has military experience. Shaun believes that success is not as much about natural talent as saying “yes” to opportunities, and perhaps more importantly, perseverance.

Shaun led the Djedi mission to robotically explore the mysterious shafts of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  The pyramid project is one of several that Shaun is working on that is generously supported by Dassault Systèmes’ wonderful Passion for Innovation programme.  

Shaun has some very exciting news about projects in 2015 - watch out for announcements soon!

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Shaun on the Giza Plateau, Egypt

On the tall ship “Prince William”

Enjoying the sky on the Aerochute

Shaun making



Shaun (left) with part of the talented Djedi pyramid exploration robot team, and a prototype of the extremely capable Djedi rover.

(photo: University of Leeds)

Mail: shaun@creationeer.co.uk
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