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It's a dear, special, beautiful,
private and SURPRISING
place that Forrest always
had in mind. 
The poem leads you to
the treasure, it doesn't
tell you the meaning
of life.

Copyright Shaun Whitehead 2015

Put a good map, TTOTC book,
and maybe a thesaurus on the
kitchen table.  Nothing else.
If you have to leave the table
to come up with the solution,
it's wrong. 
Scrapbooks may be a different matter….
It's somewhere in the
highlghted area of the
TFTW map, between
5,000' and 10,200'
You can have a good
idea about where the
treasure is before you
leave home.
Don't look more than about
a mile from where Forrest
could have reached with a
vehicle, and don't look where
he couldn't walk.
It's in a forest and
it's not in a structure
or very close proximity
to a man-made trail.
The clues are in consecutive
order and lead you on a trail
from wwwh to the treasure.
Most of the words are
useful, but don't be fooled
by their literal meaning!
How to know what a clue is
in the poem (maybe):
1. The answer is a place that
helps to locate the treasure.
2. It's described by word-
play, not literally.