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Contents of hidden page

Password (answer to this riddle)

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Purest filtered facts that you may have already seen, with extras added from time to time.

Cosmically inspired by an apple, he follows three Roman numerals

[Hint1 - the answer is not on a page about treasure!]

[Hint2 - “cosmic” means “related to space”]

[Hint 3 - 3 capitals, a hyphen and a name that carries a lot of weight]

Forrest’s response to Shaun’s comments on the hunt in his Six Questions Interview with Jenny Kile

Shaun’s first solution, that got him excited enough to fly 4594 miles to the Rocky Mountains to pursue his golden dream.


Shaun won’t be adding further information about Forrest’s treasure hunt for a while.  However, he needs help with an unrelated treasure hunt.  

Unlike the others puzzles here, the one on the right is stand-alone, i.e. you do not need to search this website.  If you find the answer, it will lead you to clues about one part of the treasure hunt that Shaun wants to solve.

If you crack that part, it will be very useful to Shaun, so he is offering a reward…

Shaun Whitehead’s summary of verified published information and facts relating to

Forrest Fenn’s treasure


Just how far is “not far, but too far to walk”?

How many people have been within 500 feet of Forrest Fenn's treasure?

Is Forrest Fenn’s treasure surrounded by trees?

What is a blaze?

What can the phrase “in tight focus with a word that is key” mean?

Forrest Fenn’s treasure is hidden somewhere within the boundaries of the tantalising map presented in his new book Too Far To Walk  .  It’s in the Rocky Mountains, but not Canada.  Forrest and the good people at Benchmark Maps have kindly given us permission to reproduce the map here, you can discover a larger and more detailed image by clicking on it:

Now that you have the map, how about more clues, information and facts about Forrest Fenn’s treasure?  Shaun has voyaged from the UK to the Rocky Mountains of the US in search of the gold, and had the pleasure of meeting the extraordinary Forrest Fenn.  He has collected a wealth of information about this treasure hunt, a lot of it directly from Mr Fenn, either via emails or Web posts.  Otherwise it’s from a reliable source, such as reporters who have talked to Forrest.

But you don’t just want it on a plate, do you?  So Shaun has started to move all of his information to secret pages.  The pages can be accessed via buttons that will appear below.  Be brave, click on the buttons, and you will be prompted for a username and password.  The username is always Fennseeker.  The passwords are answers to riddles, the answers are words or phrases that can be found somewhere on this website.  Enter those correctly, and you may visit the hidden pages.  It’s supposed to be fun, and a challenge.  If you know the answer, keep it to yourself - don’t spoil it for others - only a wise few have succeeded so far.

Fenn_Treasure_Map 2.jpg Access hidden page

Do you know the password?

Access hidden page Secret sound.wav Access hidden page Access hidden page Access hidden page